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Title: What You Wish For
Ratings & warnings: Adult (explicit sexual content, language).  Very light D/s & bondage.
Characters: Tosh/PC Andy
Spoilers: None.  Zip.  Nada.
Beta:[ profile] pocketmouse, who put up admirably with my inappropriate 3 AM reference to How Doth the Little Crocodile.
Author's Note: 
They're not directly quoted, but I had two snippets in my head as I wrote this: each the other's world entire, from Cormack McCarthy's 'The Road', and still point of the turning world, from T. S. Eliot's 'Burnt Norton', the first of the Four Quartets.  So this is some kind of homage.  With pr0n.
Toshiko has a plan, and Andy can't say no.



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Comments & constructive criticism are appreciated!
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Comments & constructive criticism hugely appreciated!
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Ratings & Warnings: 18/NC-17 for sexual content.

Characters: the Doctor (first during his Ninth incarnation, then during his Tenth) & Captain Jack Harkness

Spoilers: for New Who up to series 3; minor spoilers for series 1 of Torchwood.

Beta: [profile] ferretwho

Wordcount: 9,223

Summary: Jack's spent a long time trying to persuade the Doctor to sleep with him, but it's never really been about sex.

Comments & constructive criticism hugely appreciated!


Click for Parts Two to Five

Comments & constructive criticism hugely appreciated!

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Title: Priority Call
Rating & Warnings: 18/NC-17.  Graphic sex.  PWP.
Characters: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: None
Beta:  [personal profile] wildestranger
Wordcount: 4,339
A/N:  I have been struggling for ages to write a fic to break my veeeeery long hiatus.  In the end, I decided that a bit of porn was what I was really hankering for.  Shameless, shameless porn.  No angsting, no soul searching, nothing: just sex.  And kink.  There is far too much angst in Torchwood sex, and even though I'm sure there are a whole bundle of tensions--I don't see Jack and Ianto having True Love Romance--I also think that the infamous stopwatch conversation is pretty supportive of the theory that, within a certain time period, Jack and Ianto have pretty straightforward, kinky sex.  Possibly quite often.  (I can only hope.)

Dedicated to [personal profile] wildestranger, because it's been a long time coming.

Summary:  Ianto's never tried phonesex before, but when he receives a priority call he's open to persuasion.

Comments & constructive criticism welcomed.

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Title: Exorcism
Rating & Warnings: 18/NC-17.  Graphic, rough sex.  Porn & plot.
Characters: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Set post-Cyberwoman.  Spoilers up to 1.05 (Small Worlds).
Beta:  [profile] ferretwho (who is absolutely wonderful)
Wordcount: 3,374

Summary: Ianto watches something that he shouldn't, and Jack isn't very pleased.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed!
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Prompted by [personal profile] misslucyjane's post here, I've decided to post up some snippets from Torchwood fics I never got round to finishing (though I'm really tempted to now I've collected them to post here).  One is short, one is longer, and one is several hundred words long.

Angel was an original 'sketch' for a one-off fic about the dangers of spacetime strangers that I'm really tempted to finish.  Not fluffy at all, and full of communication problems, deceptive appearances, and misplaced trust.  Orders seems to have been something porntastic, though I can't remember my initial plans for it.  Ripples was intended as the beginning of a long, episode-style fic focused on several murders in the Brecon Beacons and their alien culprits; it incorporates a little of the porniness from Orders.  The 'Apple' in this shows clear developmental references to the 'Apple' from Angel, but the concept is morphed.  If I continued this, I'd change the name and seperate the two characters entirely.

These snippets contain adult content.  Which means sex.  Mostly of the Jack/Ianto variety.  And there are spoilers for pretty much the whole series.  Anything you have to say about them'd be welcomed, too.

Angel )

Orders )

Ripples )

Also: does anyone with free time on their hands feel like reading a much longer incomplete fic (we're talking 12,000 or so words) and telling me if it's remotely interesting?  The plot is completed and it just needs to be actually written, but after an intense period of work on it several months ago (before RL became suddenly busy) I've found myself unable to go back to it, and I'm unsure if it's even remotely interesting.  It's rated 18/NC-17, and contains sexual content and OCs introduced for the sake of plot.
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Title: Trinity
Rating & Warnings: 18/NC-17.  Graphic, rough sex.  Porn with a (mini) plot.
Characters: Capa/Mace/Cassie
Spoilers: Spoiler-free.  Set pre-movie.
Beta: Zizi, who saved my life last-minute and is amazing.
Wordcount: 3,557

Challenge: Written for [personal profile] svmadelyn 's 'Kink and Cliche' Challenge.
  1. - Restraint (pinning someone down; pushing someone's arm up behind their back during sex; covering or clasping someone's hands to prevent movement)

And now that inevitability has led to this moment, this reality: Capa and Mace sitting side by side on Capa’s bed, and Cassie watching them from the place where she always sits.  Time hangs heavy, leaden in the air.  Capa can feel Mace’s hot breath on the side of his neck; can see Cassie’s chest rise and fall quickly with her breathing.

Comments and constructive criticism would make my day.
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Title: A Personal Foible
Rating: 18/NC-17.  Graphic sex.  Lots of it.
Characters: Jack/Ten, mentioned Nine, Rose, Martha and Ianto
Spoilers: Torchwood series one; new Who series 1 & 2
Beta:  Read over by the lovely Zizi
Wordcount:  3,962

Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!

Martha is asleep in another room, and Jack and the Doctor have been left alone with several cans of Mamraxian Ruffberry Beer.  Something about the situation sends a little flurry of anxiety to Jack’s belly—something to do with past features of their relationship they’ve never discussed, something to do with sexual tension and betrayal and vast stretches of time—but he wouldn’t end it for the world.


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