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Title: Trinity
Rating & Warnings: 18/NC-17.  Graphic, rough sex.  Porn with a (mini) plot.
Characters: Capa/Mace/Cassie
Spoilers: Spoiler-free.  Set pre-movie.
Beta: Zizi, who saved my life last-minute and is amazing.
Wordcount: 3,557

Challenge: Written for [personal profile] svmadelyn 's 'Kink and Cliche' Challenge.
  1. - Restraint (pinning someone down; pushing someone's arm up behind their back during sex; covering or clasping someone's hands to prevent movement)

And now that inevitability has led to this moment, this reality: Capa and Mace sitting side by side on Capa’s bed, and Cassie watching them from the place where she always sits.  Time hangs heavy, leaden in the air.  Capa can feel Mace’s hot breath on the side of his neck; can see Cassie’s chest rise and fall quickly with her breathing.

Comments and constructive criticism would make my day.
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Title: A Personal Foible
Rating: 18/NC-17.  Graphic sex.  Lots of it.
Characters: Jack/Ten, mentioned Nine, Rose, Martha and Ianto
Spoilers: Torchwood series one; new Who series 1 & 2
Beta:  Read over by the lovely Zizi
Wordcount:  3,962

Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!

Martha is asleep in another room, and Jack and the Doctor have been left alone with several cans of Mamraxian Ruffberry Beer.  Something about the situation sends a little flurry of anxiety to Jack’s belly—something to do with past features of their relationship they’ve never discussed, something to do with sexual tension and betrayal and vast stretches of time—but he wouldn’t end it for the world.

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Title: Loneliness
Rating: NC-17.  Sex.
Characters: Ianto/Toshiko
Spoilers: Countrycide; Greeks Bearing Gifts.

Beta: Betaread by [info]eternie (for everything, and with amazing speed!) and [info]azdaja_dafema (for sex and perfect creation of moments).  Massive thanks to both of them!

Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!

Summary:  Ianto cooks Tosh dinner.


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Title: Whiskey
Rating: NC-17.  Swearing, adult situations, sex.
Characters: Jack/Ianto, implied Ianto/Lisa
Spoilers: Set some time prior to Torchwood Series One.  Spoilers for Cyberwoman.
Other notes: Beta-read (and edited) by [info]drowning_london who manages to understand what I mean even when basic English eludes me.  Merry Christmas to her and [info]katharynne

Comments and constructive criticism welcomed! 

Summary:  Jack and Ianto take a little roadtrip in search of a reported alien object.  The coffee isn't very good, but the whiskey is.

*   *   *
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Title: Redemption in Figures
Rating: NC-17.  A lot of swearing, graphic sex.  Unpretty emotions.
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen, Toshiko
Spoilers: Set at some point after 1.07 (Greeks Bearing Gifts).  Minor spoilers for that episode; major spoilers for Cyberwoman.
Other notes: Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!  Beta-read (and edited) by the amazing [info]drowning_london, who never ceases to do too much for me.

Since I hate cross-posting so much, I’d be obliged if, even if you don’t have time to leave a review, you pop me a quick note telling me how you found this fic – which community etc.  Just so I know what advertising works, and what is useless spam.

Summary:  Time passes in Torchwood Three.  The cat gets the cream.

*   *   *

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Title:  Found
Rating:  NC-17. Graphic language and sexual content.
Characters:  Gwen, Owen.
Spoilers:  Set post Countrycide (1.06) with spoilers to match.
Other Notes:  Sister fic to Lost. Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!

Thanks for the beta go to the lovely [info]katharynne.  Any remaining mistakes are my fault, not hers.

Summary: Gwen pays Owen a visit after returning from the country. Owen has been expecting her.

*   *   *

Found )


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