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Title: Caten, Claire and the Rhysmeister
Rating: High PG-13.  Swearing, heavily implied sex.
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, and a mystery crack pairing of joy.
Spoilers: Everything up to, and including, the series finale, to be safe.  Also for this e-mail, written by Owen, on the Torchwood official site.

Beta: Beta-read by [info]katharynne, and also her much-belated xmas present.

Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!

Written because someone had to.  If you want to know the mystery-pairing, follow the link below and highlight the first blank lines of text.  Takes some of the fun out of it, though.  (Take a walk on the wild-side!)

Summary:  The morning after the night before.  Owen's forgotten something important, Ianto's got a crush, Gwen's women's-intuition sensors are malfunctioning, Toshiko fails to fix a technical glitch, and Captain Jack Harkness leads a group of mentally unstable people by example.

*   *   *

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Title: Redemption in Figures
Rating: NC-17.  A lot of swearing, graphic sex.  Unpretty emotions.
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen, Toshiko
Spoilers: Set at some point after 1.07 (Greeks Bearing Gifts).  Minor spoilers for that episode; major spoilers for Cyberwoman.
Other notes: Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!  Beta-read (and edited) by the amazing [info]drowning_london, who never ceases to do too much for me.

Since I hate cross-posting so much, I’d be obliged if, even if you don’t have time to leave a review, you pop me a quick note telling me how you found this fic – which community etc.  Just so I know what advertising works, and what is useless spam.

Summary:  Time passes in Torchwood Three.  The cat gets the cream.

*   *   *

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Title: Lost (Part Two)
Rating: NC-17.  Violence, aggression, bad language, sex.
Characters: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Set post Countrycide (1.06) with spoilers to match.
Other notes: Sister fic to Found.  Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!

Thanks for the beta go to the lovely [info]katharynne, for grammar and canon checking, whilst [info]azdaja_dafema worked on the sexy stuff in part two.  Any remaining mistakes are my fault, not theirs.

Summary: Ianto makes Jack coffee.  Jack makes Ianto hurt.

*   *   *

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Title:  Found
Rating:  NC-17. Graphic language and sexual content.
Characters:  Gwen, Owen.
Spoilers:  Set post Countrycide (1.06) with spoilers to match.
Other Notes:  Sister fic to Lost. Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!

Thanks for the beta go to the lovely [info]katharynne.  Any remaining mistakes are my fault, not hers.

Summary: Gwen pays Owen a visit after returning from the country. Owen has been expecting her.

*   *   *

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